City in a Box

Best gift in town

City in a Box is a booklet including a versatile selection of local experiences. The booklet is an anthem for loving your home. It is a modern, ecological and beautiful present to give.

Are you holding a City in a Box in your hands?

How it works

1. Look through the curated experiences introduced in this booklet. You can pick one of them to try out. Book the experience of your choice as instructed.

2. Book the experience of your choice as instructed.

3. Take the booklet with you to the experience. The voucher, which can be found at the end of this booklet, will be cut out when the gift is used.

4. Enjoy your local experience! If you are sharing it in social media, feel free to tag us with

City in a Box in a nutshell

Kullekin City in a Box -alueelle on olemassa oma lahjavihkonsa. Kustakin vihkosta löytyy valikoima huolella valittuja paikalliselämyksiä. Elämykset vaihtelevat laidasta laitaan, mutta niitä yhdistää aineettomuus, paikallisuus ja korkea laatu. Riippuen siitä, onko vihkon arvo 49€ vai 98€, se toimii pääsylippuna yhteen tai kahteen elämykseen. Tuplavihko on mukava käyttää samaankin elämykseen, vaikkapa puolison tai ystävän kanssa.

As a gift the booklet brings joy three times: when bought, when given and when being used. Due to our versatile selection of experiences everyone will find interesting and new things to try out. City in a Box booklets are a popular gift amongst adult family members, colleagues and friends. Also many companies interested in sustainability and supporting local entrepreneurs buy the booklet as a business gift.

The story

Learn our story and meet the team

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