Mikkeli booklet has 10 different experiences to choose from. A basic booklet allows you to choose one of them, double booklet can be used for the two experiences. The booklets expire on December 31st 2024.

Local experiences in Mikkeli


Artisan coffee course

Artisan coffee course (1-2 hours) for two at Kirjalan Kahvipaahtimo.

Campsite dinner

Delicious dinner by the flaming fire and the Saimaa nature.

Canoe rental

Canoe rental and equipment for a day for two people by Uhkua.

Fresh Up -facial treatment

Fresh Up -facial treatment for one person.

Concert tickets

Tickets for two people to seasonal concert by Mikkeli City Orchestra.

Three tickets for a Jukurit game

Standing tickets for three people at local Jukurit game.

Mikkeli Musical Festival tickets

VIP-ticket ticket includes a good seat, concert programme and half-time catering.

Entrance tickets to culture club

Wanha Saha entrance ticket and coffee with a pastry for 2-4 people.

Theatre show and a drink

Theatre restraurant ILO ticket includes a show of your choice, along with a drink or a beverage.

Nourishing peat treatment

The experiences inclues a peat treatment in the sauna (120 min) for one.

City in a Box is found and born in Mikkeli. The concept has been widely known there in 2013-2019 as "Kaupunki lahjaksi". Although the brand and the team have since changed, the product itself continues to carry the torch for Mikkeli and hometown love.

”Elämän tarkotus on murheen karkotus.”

”Naurattele ja suat kaverija, ärvötä nuama rutussa niin suat ryppyjä.”

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