Mikkelin Musiikkijuhlat 2022

Mikkeli Musical Festival tickets

The gift is a VIP-ticket to an afternoon concert.

The ticket includes a good seat, concert programme and half-time catering.

This experience is one of the options included in the City in a Box Mikkeli -booklet.

The mission of the festival is to provide memorable concert experiences by international top-level orchestras and artists. The festival mixes old traditions, classical masterpieces and new experiments with interactive and visualized music. Side events include lectures, seminars and other get-togethers. The festival will be held on 1.-9.7.2023 and 29.6.-7.7.2024.

For further information, check out: www.mikkelinmusiikkijuhlat.fi

Mikkeli Musical Festival tickets

Sointukatu 1, 50100 Mikkeli

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MikkelinMusiikkijuhlat
Instagram: @MikkelinMusiikkijuhlat

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