Turku booklet has 8 different experiences to choose from. A basic booklet allows you to choose one of them, double booklet can be used for the two experiences. The booklets expire on December 31st 2024.

Turku -booklet experiences


Natural Cosmetics Course by Luonkos

The course for making your own natural cosmetics.

Guided walking tour

Ladies night for two people, including drinks, snacks and styling tips.

Escape room

Escape room for two (60 min) on weeknights to any room

Mallassepät brewery tour

Local brewery tour for two (1,5h) by Mallassepät.

Second hand ladies night

Ladies night for two people, including drinks, snacks and styling tips.

Stand up paddling

SUP-board for two people at Villa Wolax.

Rented e-bikes for a tour

Electric bike rental or a guided tour

Weekend brunch for two

A weekend brunch for two in Bagel House at Brahenkatu

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”Ei luulo ol tiaro väärtti.”

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”Minkä nuarena oppii, sen vanhana taitaa.”

”Ku kaukka hakke, ni likki löyttä.”

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