Opastetut kävelykierrokset Turussa - Magna Mundi

Guided walking tour

Guided walking tour for four people (2h) OR a special tour for two people.

This experience is one of the options included in the City in a Box Turku -booklet.

Beneath the attractive city landscape lies an endless stream of stories regarding the city history, culture, activities or sights. Learn more about the Turku around you on a guided tour exploring the oldest city in Finland. There are several tours available designed from varying perspectives, whether your group is looking for a tour that is for example traditional sightseeing, more alternative or kid-friendly.

Magni Mundi Oy

+358 40 7588 449

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Magnimundi
Instagram: @Magnimundi

What is it?

Coolest gift in town

City in a Box is a booklet including a handpicked selection of the best local experiences. Give it as a gift and let your special someone to pick one experience to try out!

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