Sähköpyöräily - 10Bikes Turku

Rented e-bikes for a tour

The gift is an electric bike rental for a day (8h) or a guided tour for 1-2 people.

This experience is one of the options included in the City in a Box Turku -booklet.

Leave sweating to others. Electric biking does not require prior experience or bikers physique - it is all about easygoing and carefree wheeling. You can either rent a bike for a day or sign up for a guided tour, guaranteed to serve best routes in town, some local wisdom and Turku-related jokes. The tours vary around the year, including e.g. Turku Sightseeing or Destination Sauna.

The guided tours vary around the year and season. Check out the current tours on 10bikes website.

10 Bikes

+358 400 176 100

Facebook: www.facebook.com/10bikes.fi
Instagram: @10bikes.fi

What is it?

Coolest gift in town

City in a Box is a booklet including a handpicked selection of the best local experiences. Give it as a gift and let your special someone to pick one experience to try out!

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